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Here's a list of links that I have found related to the Photo-Secession and Alfred Stieglitz.  If you find others, please let me know, by submitting them. 

Modernist Conversations: The Photo-Secession

Alfred Stieglitz on the WWW

Photography As Art

A History Of Photography
By Robert Leggat.

Poetic Conversations: The Photo-Secession.  Alfred Stieglitz and the Photo-Secessionists.

Victoria & Albert Museum
American Photography

Northern Light Gallery.
History Of Photography

Artcom Museum Tour:
Decordova Museum & Sculpture

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Early History Of  Photography
Steven B. Jackson - Instructor
Dept. Of Media & Theatre Arts
Montana State University - Bozeman

Towards the end of the century there was a growing dissatisfaction with the photographic establishment in England and in America. In England this led to a mass of resignations from the Photographic Society, and the formation of a group known as the Linked Ring, whilst in America, in 1902, an avant-garde group of photographers, led by Stieglitz, also sought to break away from the orthodox approach to photography, and from what they considered was the stale work of fellow- photographers.


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Professor William Innes Homer

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Alfred Steiglitz and the Photo-Secession
William Innes Homer / Published 1983

Thomas Eakins : His Life and Art
William Innes Homer / Hardcover / Published 1992

Albert Pinkham Ryder : Painter of Dreams
William Innes Homer, Lloyd Goodrich / Hardcover / Published 1989
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Alfred Stieglitz and the American Avant-garde
William Innes Homer

Robert Henri and His Circle
William Innes Homer

Seurat and the Science of Painting William Innes Homer / Published 1978  



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